Lost Vape Centaurus - Ostrich Chopped Carbon Fibre

Lost Vape Centaurus - Ostrich Chopped Carbon Fibre

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We now have the superbly crafted and engineered Lost Vape Centaurus DNA 250C Mod at Vapeology. In several genuinely, breath-taking designs using genuine hand-manufactured leather on some parts too!

This device uses the increasingly popular Evolv DNA250c chip, Allowing the user to create a device that is tailored for their individual use using the Escribe software available to download on a multitude of platforms. This new Lost Vape device also uses materials of an extremely high quality, namely the stainless-steel frame it wears so proudly and genuine leather grips. 

Along with the high-quality materials used already, the panels on the Centaurus are made from genuine stab wood, actual carbon fibre or abalone. The abalone and stab wood panels, are also unique for every single device due to the way they have been created so that each device you will see or indeed purchase, Is genuinely the only one of its kind with those specific colours or patterns. All of this helps to make it one of the best-looking high-quality mods on the market.

A more than ample maximum wattage of 200w is here to play around with too! Multiple temp control options are also available, and an incredible resistance range from down to 0.01, to 3.0ohms! We recommend the Centaurus is best to be experienced with rebuildable products such as RDA’s and RTA’s but will make ease of any sub-ohm tank you wish to place on it as well with incredible results!